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iBD are challenging the traditional route to hiring a Bodyguard, putting you in direct control of your Close Protection needs...

The idea behind iBD is simple and effective and works for the benefit of both the client and the Bodyguard. You can choose the person best suited to your needs, rather than having to settle for whomever your Bodyguard agency can provide on the day. And your Bodyguard gets first hand all the information s/he needs to best protect you. Talk to your Bodyguard, not to his or her agency's receptionists, or out of hours service. As a client, you have free unlimited access to the International Bodyguard database (iBD database).

You can search for Bodyguards working, or available to work in the area where you need protection. You can narrow your search by city, gender, height, languages spoken and more. Browse the profiles found, looking at photos, getting more information on skills and experience, and reading feedback from other clients. Then use the contact form to get in touch with as many or as few, Bodyguards as you want to. Request a callback or email to discuss direct with the subject matter expert what you need and what s/he can provide. Agree the terms and price of the job, and rest assured that every penny you pay will be going direct to the person protecting you, and not to cover exorbitant agency fees.

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Shaking up the world of bodyguard hire

We live in uncertain times. Global tension, the increased public availability of information about the wealth and lifestyles of individuals, and... read more

Press Release • 19.02.2013 • By Independent Bodyguards Direct